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What Our Past Clients Have To Say…

What Our Past Clients Have To Say…

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Blase Inzina is a great attorney! He is responsive to client requests and provides honest opinions and works through any obstacles. He is an honest, hard-working, and trustworthy attorney who I wholeheartedly recommend! You cannot go wrong with Blase Inzina!

C. Clark

Blase and his staff are so easy to work with! His honesty and passion for working hard for his clients are refreshing. Great choice if you are looking for an experienced attorney who will get the job done with your best interests in mind!!

K. Hebert

I will 100% recommend Blase to anyone and everyone who needs a personal injury lawyer in the future. In a town where you are bombarded with "the billboard" ones everywhere you go (and anytime you turn on the TV), I can see how it would be hard to pick one. But working with Blase means actually working with Blase. His lines of communication are always open to you. He made it easy to fully focus 100% of my effort on recovering from my accident. I had no clue what to do after my accident, and that was okay, because he told me to focus on the recovery and he would focus on the legal side. Now I tell people that the only thing they need to know after an accident is to call Blase 🙂 I hope to

R. Beaumont

Blase Inzina is a genuine friend, a compassionate family man, and a devout Catholic. Blase wants the best for his family, friends, and retainers. So, if you are in need of an attorney with high ethical values, then he is the man to call.

E. Moreno

Wonderful attorney. Blase is extremely knowledgeable, efficient, and thorough. He is personable and lines of communication were always open. I would highly recommend his office to anyone.

L. Thibodeaux

My case seemed like there was no way I would come out with a positive outcome. Blase was able to fight for me and come out with a win. He always gave me a call or email to let me know what was going on or what he was currently waiting on. If you think there's no help for you in a case don't believe that because there is hope for you.

C. St. John

I was driving home from my son's basketball game when a driver coming from the other direction ran a red light and the front of my minivan hit the side of his pickup truck. Luckily my son, daughter and myself had minor injuries however someone in the other vehicle was killed. Upon initially trying to retain a local attorney, I was told that basically since no one in my vehicle was killed they wouldn't represent me even though the accident was not my fault. For a few months my husband and I tried to do things by ourselves, submitting paperwork to the courts, etc. but the attorneys from the other side were trying to do things to get us out of the lawsuit that was filed against the driver of the other vehicle. We actually had thought at that time we would not be getting anything from the lawsuit even though I lost my car, my job, and my retirement because of the accident. That is when we were referred to Attorney Blase Inzina. Blase was always in contact with us as to what was going on with our case. He was very professional and was always there to answer the questions that we had. He was able to see the case through to the end and was with me every step of the way. Without the professionalism and expertise shown by Blase Inzina, we would have never recovered any of the money from the lawsuit. Thank you Blase for everything you have done!

M & J DeRouen Lafayette, LA

Trust is that solemn character trait born out of many other character traits. Traits such as honesty, integrity, authenticity, transparency, fairness, caring and reliability. Trust is the holy grail that serves as the key to opening doors to relationship building. Without trust, you are simply riding on the wings of a prayer, especially when navigating in unfamiliar territory, in search of legal representation. Under such circumstances, trust is the only compass for guiding you forward. In late September of 2019, when faced with a serious legal matter requiring legal consultation, trust was my only ally. I called many attorneys, spoke with some, but met with only one – Attorney Blase Inzina of Inzina Law Offices. He was the only attorney that agreed to see me and hear my issue. During the meeting, he gave me his ear, his undivided attention to my spoken story, and after hearing the details gave his honest pledge to do his best on our behalf. He made no guarantees on the outcome. But, his sincerity and overall demeanor as he listened was enough to gain my trust – so, I hired him. He delivered what he promised, clearly identified prospective hurtles, and charted a plan for going forward. When met with impasse, he clearly communicated my options and gave me the freedom to declare charging ahead or to cease and desist. Because of the respect shown me and my situation, I asked his permission to recommend his name to friends and family in the Lafayette area. I intend to do just that as occasions arise. This is a man of principle and integrity, and I am certain he will serve others in the manner that he served me. Blase is an attorney you can trust.

G. Connell Lafayette, LA

I had an auto accident in September of 2018. This accident happened on Johnston St in Lafayette, Louisiana. My brother referred me to your firm as I was having trouble with my insurance company. As I said in previous sentence my insurance company didn't seem to take an interest in following through with the truth of the accident. When I got the accident report the other person has lied about what happened. So my only way to get this resolved was to seek help from your firm. Mr. Inzina was a life saver for me. He took care of setting up appointments and making sure my needs for a quick recovery was taken care of . I would not have been able to tend to all the things to get this resolved in a manner that kept me from stressing out any more than I already did trying to recover from the injury I incurred from accident. Mr. Inzina has my best interest at heart and I could tell . I am very pleased with the outcome in resolving this accident. I would and will recommend his firm to any of my friends or family if they ever need. He was my voice in a system that doesn't always hear the small person . Thank you Mr. Inzina again for making this unfortunate ordeal as carefree on my part as possible.

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