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DIY Guide to Settling Your Case Without an Attorney

You Can Settle Your Personal Injury Claim on Your Own Without an Attorney.

Yes, you read that right! And I've created a free guide to show you how. 

I'll be most injury cases, you will be better off hiring an attorney. But it is definitely possible to handle your injury case on your own in some situations. If you have a small claim with minor injuries and very little medical treatment, you might consider handling your case yourself. If you think you'd like to settle your claim on your own without an attorney, download the free digital copy of my book The DIY Guide to Settling Your Claim Without an Attorney.

In this guide, you will find out:
  • The kind of injury case that can be handled without an attorney 
  • How to get your medical bills paid while your claim is pending
  • How to document your accident the right way 
  • What to say and what not to say to the insurance adjuster
  • The documents you'll need for settling your claim
  • How to figure out your case's value
  • What you should do if the other person did not have insurance
  • Tips for negotiating with the insurance company
  • What to do once you've reached an agreement with the insurance company
Our guide also includes:
  • A medical authorization letter template
  • A lost wages documentation template
  • A police report request letter
  • A demand letter template 

You can download a free digital copy of my guide instantly by submitting this form. 

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