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Before you Talk to an attorney or the insurance company, read these guides.


Do I Have an Injury Case      

(and How Much Is It Worth)

Before getting into a legal battle, many people want to know if they even have a case and if it will be worth it to make a claim. 


In this guide, you'll find out the three factors that affect all injury cases and how attorneys and insurance companies decide what your case is worth.  

Injury Case Mistakes.png

Check It Before You Wreck It:

7 Fatal Mistakes That Ruin Injury Cases

We cringe when we see injured victims doing one of these seven things because we know it could majorly decrease the value and success of their case. 


Find out the seven things car wreck and other injured victims unknowingly do that can wreck their case.  

15 things you want to know after a car w

15 Things You Want to Know

After a Car Wreck

No two car wreck cases are the same, but the questions people have about them are. In this guide, you'll find out the answers to 15 questions we answer almost every single day when speaking to clients.  

Diminished Value Claims.png

Quick Guide to Diminished Value Claims

If your vehicle was damaged in a wreck, it's worth less than it was before the wreck even if it was perfectly repaired. 


Find out why this is and how you can get the insurance company to pay you for the lost value of your car after a wreck that wasn't your fault.  

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DIY Guide to Settling Your Case Without an Attorney

We'll be honest...having an attorney handle your car wreck case is almost always better than going it alone, but there are definitely times when an attorney is not necessary. 

If you are thinking about handling your claim yourself, download this guide to find out what you need to do to get a fair settlement. 


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