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Do I Have an Injury Case (And How Much Is It Worth?)


When new clients call our office, they always want to know:

1. Do I Even Have a Case?

2. How Much Is It Worth?

And with good reason! Most people don't want to get involved with lawyers or lawsuits if the outcome will not be worth the time or stress. 

So we put together a guide to help people understand what makes a strong injury case and how insurance companies and injury lawyers decide how much it's worth. 

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In this guide, you'll find out:


The three main factors that determine an injury case's value. 


What happens when there is no money to pay for your injuries and damages. 


What happens when the wreck was partially your fault.


The types of damages you can be compensated for. 


How to document your injury to make sure you get the maximum compensation you deserve. 


Blase Inzina visits with Tracy Wirtz of KLFY News 10 about what makes a strong injury case and how its value is determined. 

To get the free guide, simply fill out this form.

You can read it instantly, and we'll email you a copy too.

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