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Blase is an attorney you can trust.

Trust is that solemn character trait born out of many other character traits. Traits such as honesty, integrity, authenticity, transparency, fairness, caring and reliability. Trust is the holy grail that serves as the key to opening doors to relationship building. Without trust, you are simply riding on the wings of a prayer, especially when navigating in unfamiliar territory, in search of legal representation. Under such circumstances, trust is the only compass for guiding you forward. In late September of 2019, when faced with a serious legal matter requiring legal consultation, trust was my only ally. I called many attorneys, spoke with some, but met with only one – Attorney Blase Inzina of Inzina Law Offices. He was the only attorney that agreed to see me and hear my issue. During the meeting, he gave me his ear, his undivided attention to my spoken story, and after hearing the details gave his honest pledge to do his best on our behalf. He made no guarantees on the outcome. But, his sincerity and overall demeanor as he listened was enough to gain my trust – so, I hired him. He delivered what he promised, clearly identified prospective hurtles, and charted a plan for going forward. When met with impasse, he clearly communicated my options and gave me the freedom to declare charging ahead or to cease and desist. Because of the respect shown me and my situation, I asked his permission to recommend his name to friends and family in the Lafayette area. I intend to do just that as occasions arise. This is a man of principle and integrity, and I am certain he will serve others in the manner that he served me. Blase is an attorney you can trust.

– M & J DeRouen

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