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Dedicated Lafayette Truck Accident Lawyers Working Tirelessly For You

Automotive vehicles, pedestrians, motorcyclists, and bicyclists aren't the only ones that share the roads in Louisiana. There are also commercial trucks, which are used to transport goods throughout the country.

These commercial trucks may play an important role in the economy, but they also put other people on the road in danger. Commercial trucks are heavier and larger than any other vehicle on the road, so a collision involving one of these trucks can be catastrophic.

If you have been injured in an accident with a commercial truck, there's no time to waste. Speak to the truck accident lawyers at Blase Inzina Injury Attorneys as soon as possible to discuss your options. You are entitled to compensation for your injuries—let us help you secure it.

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Who is Liable For Truck Accidents in Lafayette?

Truck accident cases are more complex than car accident cases for many reasons, including the number of potentially liable parties. In a car accident case, the liable party is usually one of the drivers involved in the crash. But in a truck accident case, there are several other parties that weren't present at the time of the accident that could be held liable for your injuries.

One potentially liable party that is present at the time of the accident is the driver. Truck drivers are often held liable in these cases if the accident was caused by their negligence. For example, if a truck driver collides with your vehicle because he is distracted by his cell phone, he could be held liable for your injuries.

Another potentially liable party is the trucking company. By law, employers can be held liable for accidents caused by their employees' negligence. If an accident occurs due to a truck driver's negligence, the company that employees the driver could also be held liable.

Trucking companies are also liable for accidents that occurred as a result of their negligence or failure to comply with federal trucking regulations. For example, if the trucking company pushed the driver to meet unrealistic deadlines or cut corners when performing inspections on the truck, they could be held liable for your injuries.

Many truck accidents are caused by improperly loaded or unsecured cargo. If you were injured in this type of accident, the company that loaded the cargo could be liable for your injuries.

Accidents can also occur due to defective parts. If you were injured in an accident caused by a defective part, the manufacturer of this part could be liable.

One or more of these parties may be liable for your injuries. Determining the cause of the crash will help you identify which parties you should take legal action against.

Why Should You Hire A Truck Accident Attorney?

The key to recovering compensation in a truck accident case is proving liability. But unfortunately, proving liability is not easy in any personal injury claim, especially truck accident cases. This is why it's important to turn to the experienced attorneys at Blase Inzina Injury Attorneys for help.

Our attorneys will launch an investigation into the cause of the accident right away. During this investigation, we may interview witnesses, analyze photographs from the scene, acquire surveillance footage, work with accident reconstruction experts, obtain the police report, and review your medical records.

We will also immediately contact the truck driver, trucking company, and other parties involved to ensure they do not destroy evidence related to the accident. Doing this immediately after the accident allows us to obtain important pieces of evidence, including employee records, inspection reports, maintenance reports, black box data from the vehicle, and more.

The evidence that we collect during this investigation will help us determine who is liable for your injuries. We will carefully analyze the evidence to determine how the accident occurred and who caused it. After identifying the liable parties, our trucking accident attorneys will begin aggressively negotiating in an effort to reach a fair settlement on your behalf.

The at-fault parties may or may not be willing to negotiate. They may try to place the blame on other parties involved in the claim, including the victim, in order to avoid liability. If they are unwilling to make a fair offer, we won't back down or settle for less than what you deserve. Instead, we will prepare to take your case to court. Our attorneys have extensive trial experience, so we aren't afraid of going head-to-head with large trucking companies or insurers in the courtroom. We will do whatever it takes to help you secure the compensation you deserve.

Truck accident injuries are often severe, sometimes even life-threatening. After an accident, your focus should be on recovering from your injuries, not dealing with the stress of handling a personal injury claim. Let us fight for your compensation while you prioritize your recovery.

Seek Legal Representation From Our Experienced Truck Accident Attorneys Today

Truck accidents may seem like any other type of traffic accident, but that's not the case. Truck accident cases are far more complex than other traffic accident cases. Don't put your truck accident case in the hands of an inexperienced attorney. Instead, turn to the trusted truck accident lawyers at Blase Inzina Injury Attorneys.

Our team of skilled lawyers has handled countless truck accident cases on behalf of clients in Louisiana. We aren't afraid of going up against large trucking companies and insurance companies—we take great pride in helping victims fight back to ensure they are fully compensated.

With our help, injured victims can get their life back on track after a devastating trucking accident. Learn more about your legal options—and how our aggressive personal injury attorneys can help—by scheduling a free case evaluation with Blase Inzina Injury Attorneys. Schedule your free consultation today by calling our law firm at (337) 347-7177 or submitting your information using the form on this website. Our team is standing by now, ready to hear about your case and help you seek justice after a truck accident.

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